Designer Shoes-Does Style Always Equal Pain?

Designer Shoes-Does Style Always Equal Pain? As many women will tell you, a stylish pair of shoes is always worth the extra effort of wearing them. What does that mean? The trend for stylish, over the top shoes has led to high prices, discomfort and the dreaded “Flamingo Walk”. Shoes that are so uncomfortable that women have a difficult time walking in them or they have to take them off the second they get in the club have become the norm and we have to ask why. Why does style always equal pain and, to look further into this, does...

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Autumn/ Winter Shoe Styles For 2017

Autumn/ Winter Shoe Styles For 2017 Every year shoe fashion changes and this year is no different. Those with a shoe fetish will be pleased to know that they can save up for the shoe shopping spree as this year’s styles will not disappoint. Below you will find a few shoe styles that will leave the style world in awe.   Pointy Toes: Although pointy shoes have been in fashion for a while, this time it will have a twist. The tips of the shoes will not be as sharp but will have a more rounded tip and will be more...

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Shoes Throughout The Years

Shoes Throughout The Years Footwear may have begun as an essential tool for traversing our environment, but more recently, they have become one of our most artistic and stylish mediums. It was in the beginning of the 20th century that shoes truly took off as highly comfortable and attractive items of clothing. With the turn of the 1900s came new developments in technology that took our entire collective civilization to new heights. The manufacturing of shoes could now become far easier and more convenient. People could now afford durable and comfortable shoes at lower prices with the advent of the factory....

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Top Spring/ Summer 2017 Shoe Trends

Top Spring/ Summer 2017 Shoe Trends The spring/summer 2017 shoe trends are interesting, bold and innovative. There are some familiar looks as well as some welcome trends that are gaining in popularity on the runways in Paris, London, New York and Milan. Here are some of the top spring/ summer 2017 shoe trends we found on the Fashion Week runways: #1: Platforms Adding height and drama, platform shoes are making a comeback. #2: Kitten Heels Perfect with sheer tights, kitten heels are becoming a part of every major designer’s collection for 2017. #3: Quirky Flatforms A flat version of a...

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Choosing the Right Handbag for Your Body Type

Choosing the Right Handbag for Your Body Type Many women shop for handbags by brand, while others shop for a new handbag by style. Did you know that not every handbag is right for every woman? Rather than shop for brand, style, size or colour, women should shop for a new handbag that suits their body type. To find the best handbag that suits your body type, you should choose one that is the opposite of your body. This will make the bag more than just an accessory for carrying your smartphone, makeup and anything else the modern woman needs,...

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