Designer Shoes-Does Style Always Equal Pain?

Designer Shoes-Does Style Always Equal Pain?

As many women will tell you, a stylish pair of shoes is always worth the extra effort of wearing them. What does that mean? The trend for stylish, over the top shoes has led to high prices, discomfort and the dreaded “Flamingo Walk”. Shoes that are so uncomfortable that women have a difficult time walking in them or they have to take them off the second they get in the club have become the norm and we have to ask why. Why does style always equal pain and, to look further into this, does it have to?

To understand this, we need to take a look at where these uncomfortable shoes come from. Sometimes we imagine that they were designed by people who have never worn shoes before and don’t understand their actual use. Why else would we not be able to wear them for more than a couple of hours before giving in to the pain and discomfort? It all starts with the high fashion looks of the runway where the clothing, accessories and, yes, the shoes, aren’t really meant for everyday wear. These are the trendsetters though and these looks can be seen in many of the shoes we find in department stores or online retailers. Sometimes the look is a mere nod to the high fashion style, while other times it is an almost exact replica. These are the shoes that we want so badly without giving any thought to wearability.

Is there a compromise? Can we have stylish, trendy shoes without the pain? The answer is yes. There are still many shoe designers who are creating shoes that women can wear all day at work, out for an evening on the town or while relaxing with friends. These designers understand our needs and design beautiful shoes that not only look good on the shelf, but feel good on your feet.

Where can you find them? Companies like OYSBY of London, a finalist as Designer of the Year at the Drapers Awards, are designed shoes that are trendsetting, stylish and offer women the combination of high fashion looks with comfort and wearability.

So, does style always equal pain when it comes to women’s shoes? OYSBY says no. Shop their full line of high quality, designer shoes and find a look that suits you today!